Harvest Time In Bhutan

May 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Harvest in Bhutan, 2014. 20mm wide-angle lens.

Travel photography is all about telling a story and in this image, I've tried to show what working on a farm in Bhutan was like in 2014. Bhutan is changing so rapidly that even between the two times I have visited, I could see substantial differences. And yet it remains one of the most poetic and delightful countries to visit.

Using a wide-angle lens, I've walked in close to the harvested crops laid out neatly on the ground. I've filled the foreground with the main subject. In the background I have positioned all the other information - the tall mountains, the buildings and the workers. The workers are colourfully dressed and while typical today, you can see that much of their clothing has been imported from India or China. It's little clues like this that place the photograph in a particular time. In a few years, I expect the clothing may be different again and perhaps the harvesting will be mechanised.

Nothing in the image has been altered except the tonal range and I've warmed up the colour a little to match what I remember. The yellows and oranges in the fields are really dominant.

One suggestion for my next visit is to take some Wellington boots or even just some old ones! The ground was distinctly muddy where I was standing! A city-slicker like me has a lot to learn.


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