Is Shooting In The Mist Easy?

March 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Blenheim, New Zealand. Is shooting in the mist easy?

Photographs in the mist can look really great, but why? And if there is lots of mist around, is it easy to shoot great photographs?

I'm not sure if it is ever easy to come up with great photographs, but I agree that for people who live in non-misty environments, seeing a photograph of mist is a positive. For many readers, mist will be a rarity and so photographing it becomes more enjoyable. For others (perhaps the early risers), mist might be a regular occurrence and so photographs of it may not be so appealing.

I'm not generally an early riser, so I really enjoy shooting in the mist. What I like about misty photographs is the sense of mystery that is created in the background. Not only does it simplify the composition, it partially hides things from view and this intruigues me. I think most of us are much the same?

There are lots of different ways to shoot in the mist. With a telephoto lens, you can look for silhouettes (of trees and buildings perhaps), searching for interesting shapes and compositions. With a wider lens, I tend to position myself near something of interest. Generally, it can be quite clearly seen, but the background quickly fills in with the thickness of the mist.

This is how I have approached the river scene in Blenheim, New Zealand. For me, the image is two simple lines - the horizon and the diagonal edge of the river. I've also kept the colour simple with a limited palette of blues and greys.

It's not a competition winner because it's too quiet, but it appeals to me and I hope after reading a few of these newsletters you'll agree that not every photograph has to be a competition winner. The first person to impress with our photography is ourself. Not everyone will like your favourite shots, but you'll be pleasantly surprised how many people do. Sometimes it's just having the courage to post it on Facebook or Flickr and seeing what people think.

I don't expect to get massive sales of this photograph, but it's one that brings back good memories of the workshop in New Zealand last year. It was great being up early, wandering through the mists, searching for photographs. Tony Hewitt and I have another workshop in New Zealand this June, so if you're thinking about joining us, please book soon so we can get an idea of numbers. We're expecting it to be full of amazing photographs, plus you get to listen to Tony and I giving each other a hard time!

There's a great little e-brochure I've created which has all the details - click here to have a look!


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