Is This Really Antarctica?

May 03, 2015  •  1 Comment

No, this isn't Antarctica, but it's close! Canon EOS-1D X and 17mm TSE lens.

It looks like the European Alps, perhaps tucked away somewhere in the Italian Dolomites or maybe in Austria, although the design of the church is a little ambiguous.

No, this isn't Antarctica, it's South Georgia. A lot of voyages to Antarctica include South Georgia and, for my money, it is the most amazing place on Earth. Mind you, I can say that for quite a few locations, but to date, my short experiences in South Georgia place it right up at the top of the list.

This is also the last photo I provided for Abraham Joffe and Canon's Tales By Light television series which gets underway on the National Geographic channel later this month (starts 24 May). My episode won't be shown until June, but I highly recommend all six.

The photographers themselves are all amazing - Art Wolfe, Richard I'Anson, Krystle Wright and Darren Jew - so to hang out with these guys at the press functions coming up next week and listen to their stories is going to be a great honour. And from the snippets I have seen of their episodes, the television series is going to set some pretty high standards for documentaries of this type in the future.

The photograph is of the 100-year-old church in Grytviken, South Geogia. It's the end of February and the end of summer, so most of the snow has disappeared. On my previous visit which was in November, the grassy fields were covered in snow, so the contrast for me was quite marked. But I love the fact that this European-looking scene is taken at the opposite end of the world!

The orange structure to the right of the church is a safety hut, I believe, but if this were a Harry Potter movie, I'm sure it would lead to a dungeon and corridors down below. It's little aspects like this that make the incongruous even more enchanting.

Aurora Expeditions has invited me and Abraham on a voyage this November/December to South Georgia and Antarctica. Naturally, you're invited! I've produced a little e-brochure I've created which has all the details - click the following link to have a look!


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