Janie Seddon All At Sea

March 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

SS Janie Seddon wreck. Taken on our NZ workshop last year.

I'll have to find out who Janie was. Well, Janie Seddon actually, as this is the name of the wreck at Motueka on the northern tip of New Zealand's south island. Probably easier for me to ask Will Parsons from Driftwood Eco-Tours who will be taking us on another photographic workshop with Tony Hewitt this June on a return visit.

The stepping stones assist you to walk out to the wreck at low tide without getting your boots muddy. When I took this photo, the tide was coming in and I got my boots wet anyway - I was too busy concentrating on the scene in my viewfinder to worry about a little water down below!

As you can see from the preliminary file below, I have used Photoshop layers to enhance what was already there. The warm yellows of the sun were shaded by a low headland to the left, so where I was standing was coloured blue and grey from the clouds above. I enhanced this separation of colour values in post-production.

First, I added a blue Color Fill adjustment layer, blended on softlight, but masked out the area in the middle of the image where the wreck is sitting. The mask was just a big brush stroke with a soft black brush. This created a cool colour balance in the foreground and the clouds above.

Next, I added a gold Color Fill adjustment layer, also blended on softlight, but this time I masked the top and bottom of the photograph so the warmth was restricted to the wreck and the area immediately around it.

This brings the subject forward in the photograph. Warm colours advance while cool colours recede, or so the theory goes.

If you're interested in joining Tony Hewitt and me on a workshop to the north of New Zealand in June this year, including this location, there are still places available. For more information, visit the Better Photography website and look for the workshops in the online shop, or click here.


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