ND5 Secret: Wyndham, Kimblerley!

March 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Wyndham's lazy tidal system makes great patterns from the air.

The ND5 group - Christian Fletcher, Michael Fletcher, Tony Hewitt, Les Walkling and I - agreed not to share our recent images from the Kimberley and Lord Howe Island until the exhibition, so I am thinking I will be in trouble with Christian. Mind you, he's in Iceland at the moment, so hopefully he doesn't have internet...

In any event, this photo isn't going into the exhibition. It didn't make the final cut (and I can hear Christian saying that's just as well - but I don't listen to him too much or too often), and so I figure I can post it. Besides, I have to let everyone know about the exhibition opening in Brisbane at the end of this month and the one day workshop.

The workshop is being repeated in Melbourne in mid-April, but the exhibition is not. However, we have another exhibition at the Monash Gallery of Art which features our earlier work and an amazing video installation by Michael. For more information about the workshops and accompanying exhibitions, click here.

The photo above looks easy enough to take and in many ways it was. The challenge was finding just the right angle where the surroundings looked as though this river system went on forever. I had fifty or so shots out of which just three or four were to my liking - and the one I like the most is in the exhbition.

The photos were taken from a helicopter using a Phase One 645DF with an 80mm Schneider lens and an IQ180 back. The colour of the mudflats in the middle of the day was less than exciting, so I thought of black and white and then moved to a 'lith film' effect. The river itself has been lightened up using a mask and a curves adjustment layer, and then adjusted so that it stands out just enough, but hopefully not too much


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