50 Free Photography Tips!

Automatic cameras mean you don't need to understand absolutely everything about photography to get a good photograph, but if you do understand these basics, you'll take even better photographs. This I can guarantee! These 50 tips and suggestions won't cover everything I know or all the techniques I use, but they are a great start. - Peter Eastway


An atelier is a studio or a space, especially for an artist, a designer or these days, a photographer. And traditionally, the way artists and photographers learned was by working under the watchful eye of a more skilled artisan, often in an atelier.

The Better Photography Photo Atelier is a series of short lessons focused on better technique and stronger images. It covers most of the basic issues Peter runs through when taking or crafting a photograph.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Photo Atelier

How to use apertures

How to use shutter speeds

Understanding colour balance

What are colour spaces?

Setting the black point and why

Macro photography basics

How to check your monitor

Squeezing your images

What is colour grading?

Luminosity blend mode

File transfer essentials

Getting exposure right

Portraiture lighting challenges

Photoshop examples: the tutu

Controlling highlights

Sharpening your images

Using autofocus for better results

Using the hyperfocal point

Diffraction and how to stop it

Lab colour mode in Photoshop

Blend If advanced layers

Metering and how it works

Portrait photography accessories

Mid tone contrast adjustments

Travel photography tips and tricks

Using the histogram

Printer profiles

Applying grain in Photoshop

How to create great B&Ws

Using actions in Photoshop


Explained Peter, "There are some things that we all need to understand as photographers. Many of these are 'forgotten' or never learned because our automatic cameras do such a great job. But understanding the craft and technique behind this automation is the only way you will advance your skills as a photographer.

"Photography for me is more than just pointing the camera and pressing the shutter. Everyone does that. You don't even need a camera, just a phone. I use the camera in my phone too, of course, for messages and social media. But what do you do if you want to express yourself?

"Over the next 50 weeks, I'll send you a little Photo Atelier. Some of the topics you'll know already, some will hopefully be 'ah-ha!' moments where I'm able to fill in some gaps in your photographic knowledge and help you on your journey.

"So, if one Atelier isn't of great interest, I hope the next one will be."

There are two newsletters. The Almost Weekly newsletter has a photo of the week from Peter. The second is the Photo Atelier and comprises 50 emails over a year. You can unsubscribe from either or both at any time.

Your first Atelier should arrive within the 15 minutes of subscribing, and then every week at roughly the same time.

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