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Is This Really Fair, Mr Adobe?

October 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Anna Bay DunesAnna Bay Dunes

Lovingly post-produced using Photoshop. See the 'before' image down below.

I love Photoshop and Lightroom. They are excellent programs and do wonders. I have even come to accept that software developers had to change to a subscription model or they would be out of business - and if they are out of business, where would that leave us when we needed their support or something new?

So, for $9.99 a month (in Australia, in Australian dollars), I can get great access to great software (Photoshop and Lightroom). It's a very reasonable price, so what am I complaining about?

Gripe 1. I wasn't being charged $9.99 a month. My credit card statement showed $10.28 a month. If you look at the Adobe website, it clearly says $9.99 in Australian currency. So why the difference?

Look a little closer on the Australian website and it says there is no GST in the transaction. This indicates that I am purchasing the software offshore (Ireland I believe). So, not only is no GST being collected in Australia, my credit card provider is adding on 29 cents because it is an international transaction. It's a small thing, I know. I have called Adobe a couple of times and on one occasion they denied it, on another they said it was tax. On neither occasion was their chat service correct.

I received an email on 11 October saying my subscription would expire on 12 October. As I have a second subscription to the Adobe suite (for Indesign, Dreamweaver etc), I no longer need this Photoshop subscription, so I decided to cancel it.

Gripe 2: It was difficult to cancel. I couldn't just log into my Adobe account and tick a box. In fact, it was a challenge for me to work out exactly how to cancel at all! Easy to subscribe, hard to leave. I discovered that I have to use the telephone or a chat service - in all I spent 20 minutes closing my subscription.

Gripe 3: All this happened on 12 October and then on 13 October, I have been charged a futher $10.28 for the subscription!

So, gentle reader - no GST, extra bank fees, difficult to leave and overcharged - what do I do?


This is the file processed out of Capture One before moving into Photoshop. Most of the heavy lifting has already been done, but to fitness the mask for the water, I find Photoshop the easiest to master.


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