St Andrews @ South Georgia

November 07, 2021

King Penguins, South GeorgiaKing Penguins, South Georgia

King Penguins, South Georgia

As many readers will remember, around seven years ago I featured in one of a series of television documentaries about professional photographers working in different locations all around the world. Called Tales by Light (and still available on Netflix), my episode was based in Antarctica and South Georgia.

In the production, I said, "If I could only go to one more place, one more time, it would be back to South Georgia".

And since then I have been lucky enough to return several times. Whether you shoot nature, landscape or art, South Georgia is a photographer's utopia. What I loved about this location at St Andrews was the overlook from where I could create a composition that gives the impression that the King Penguin colony goes on forever - as in fact it does!

The reason for mentioning this and running the photo again is that South Georgia Heritage Trust and Friends of South Georgia Island are taking part in Giving Tuesday on November 30th. This day of global giving inspires people to support the causes that mean the most to them.

"Our work on South Georgia is dedicated to protecting this hugely important ecosystem, the species that call it home, and its rich cultural heritage. Right now, we are raising funds for a critical survey of the former whaling station at Stromness. This study will inform major environmental and heritage conservation work that we will be undertaking over the next five years.

"We work in partnership to support other science and technology initiatives to make informed decisions about conservation. We are working to protect globally endangered Albatross species in conjunction with RSPB and British Antarctic Survey (BAS). Just this month, BAS research we support is also clearly showing a strong recovery and return of Humpback whales to the waters of South Georgia and Antarctica. The return of some whale species to almost pre-whaling levels marks a profound shift in the human story of South Georgia Island.

"It’s been almost two years since visitors have come to the Island. As we welcome visitors returning to South Georgia, hopefully next year, we also hope you can help us on Giving Tuesday. If you have visited South Georgia previously, could you consider sharing with us your most memorable photo of the Island and tell us why that is?

"Please Email: [email protected] with your photo and a wee description. We'll also be happy to answer questions sent to that address. Submissions may be shared on SGHT, FOSGI, and third party social media and websites, in the run-up to Giving Tuesday, on the day, and beyond, to show why our work, your support and South Georgia is so special…and hopefully it will encourage others to give too.

"And on Giving Tuesday, or any other day, if you can consider making a donation to support our work, we would be very grateful indeed."

Donate - South Georgia Heritage Trust (
Donate - Friends of South Georgia Island (



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