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Road to Stykkisholmur

Road to Stykkisholmur

I had to plead with the driver and the guide to let me stop for this photograph. Well, let's face it, it was a drab afternoon and raining. It was also my second day in Iceland, so I had no idea whether there was just one or two churches on hills, or hundreds. As it turns out, there are hundreds and many of them are incredibly photogenic. I think I could spend months travelling around Iceland and never get sick of the landscape and its structures.

So, confession time. I was on a PODAS with Kevin Raber, Steve Gosling and our Icelandic guide Daniel Bergmann. Daniel was looking at me funny when I asked if he could pull over. Kevin was looking at his watch and wondering when we'd get to the hotel for dinner. I was looking at this scene and thinking how amazing it looked with the misty rain, the warm grasses and the hint of the hills in the sky behind.
That's what makes photography such an individual pursuit. I was putting my Australian eyes over a foreign landscape and loving it. Daniel had driven along this road thousands of times before and no longer saw it. I am the same in Australia. People come to my place in Sydney and marvel at the coastline and how great it looks, but for me, it's just home.

However, one thing that Kevin and Daniel are is fair. They could see I was serious, so they pulled over and I jumped out. A couple of the other photographers followed, but I think the general consensus was I was a bit mad.

So, in the interests of regaining a small amount of my reputation, I'm presenting the finished work, what I saw out of the van window.