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Mossy River Near Arnastapi, Iceland

Mossy River Near Arnastapi, Iceland

What do you call this amazing foliage? Moss? Lichen? Ferns? Green stuff? When you walk on it, you feel like a criminal, but it seems tougher than you are and bounces back. Mind you, the Icelandic horses aren't light and they run over it all day (well, a slight exaggeration), so one or two photographers shouldn't make a big impact.

We're actually not too far from the side of the road. I'm not exactly sure what caught my eye, but the thought of using 80-megapixels (yes, boasting again) to capture all the fine detail was exhilarating. Note to self: make a big print and enjoy it. It sometimes seems criminal (I must have a felony on my mind as I write this) to capture such exquisite detail and then convert it into a 1000 pixel image for distribution.
On the other hand, I don't imagine too many people would see the print hanging in my office window. But I digress!

It was lightly overcast following a day of horrendous rain. However, for scenes like this, overcast can work pretty well because you're not fighting deep shadows in the foliage. It tends to give you a better result and then you can add a little more contrast later on, as required.