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Tatio Geyser - Chile

Tatio Geyser - Chile

Part of me is pleased that this photo hasn't been picked for the article in the Qantas Australian Way magazine because I can run it now on my blog! However, I know it's not 'iconic' and perhaps that's its appeal for me and why it missed the cut for the inflight magazine. It's the baggage I have attached to it because 'I was there'.
This is another shot of the Tatio Geysers (spelt incorrectly last blog, in case you were wondering), in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. I'll give the Explora Hotel another plug because they take you up two hours before sunrise and still manage to give you breakfast!
As the sun rose and the light wind changed direction, swirls of steam moved all around the bubbling pools of boiling water, revealing and concealing the colours and shapes of the geyser field. In the background, the hills lit up with warm sunshine and from time to time, the steam would clear long enough to reveal an equally colourful foreground. I am imagining these are mineral deposits, their warm colour contrasting strongly with the deep blues and greens of the water.
If you're interested in seeing how the image was transformed from the raw file conversion to the final edit, I've posted a short video on YouTube. Check it out here.
And you can check out the Explora hotels here.