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Nordbug Peak

Nordbug Peak

I have recently been lucky enough to travel to Greenland and Norway, the lands of the midnight sun! Certainly one of the highlights of the trip was staying up until past midnight, watching the sun dip below the horizon only to re-appear a few minutes later. No darkness at all! Mind you, Joshua Holko who I travelled with explained that August was better than the middle of June when the sun was directly overhead - all day! In August you get sunsets that last for several hours, followed by sunrises that last for several more!

This image is a work in progress. Looking at the file converted into sRGB for web and email, the reds are too strong. They don't look quite so raw with a DCam 3 profile on my Eizo monitor or my Wacom Cintiq - oh, for colour managed internet! It will happen!

This is a mountain peak in Nordbugt, one of the fjords on the south-east coast of Greenland. If you think this is amazing, wait until you see Josh's photo of the same peak taken an hour or so later with a row of neat clouds around its base! We mightn't have seen a lot of wildlife on our trip, but we saw some amazing spectacles and incredible landscapes.
Mark August 2015 in your diary if you want to come along on a return trip!

This photo was taken from a zodiac with an ultra wide-angle lens. The low camera angle helps with the reflection, while a spot or two of sunlight added some drama and mystery.