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Nordbugt Clouds

Nordbugt Clouds

Arctic weather is just that, arctic! Joshua Holko and I were on Aurora nearly a year ago, sailing up Scoresby Sund into the furthest reaches of Nordvest Fjord. It was an amazing day that began with silky smooth water reflections and giant icebergs, only to finish with a clearing storm and some amazing theatrics in the heavens.

I'm no meteorologist, but I know the weather changed from low overcast cloud to brilliant sunshine and that this was the edge of the weather system. We often associate great light with approaching storms, but clearing weather in this case was really dramatic. I haven't seen cloud like this very often, and I can't remember being lucky enough to have my camera with me at the same time.

I took a series of exposures as the cloud gradually melted away. I was using a 110mm Schneider, which is a slight telephoto, like a 70mm on a full-frame DSLR. I would have liked to use something wider, but the shutter was sticking on my wide-angle at the time, and so I looked out two shots taken one after the other with slightly different angles of view, and joined them together. It just extends the view by 15 -20 per cent, but gives the landscape a little more breathing space. I like space in a composition.

The raw file, being a raw file (visit to view), was a little flatter than my memory of the experience, so I have made a series of minor curves, hue/saturation and selective colour adjustments to the file, bringing the clouds to life and subduing the foreground. I hope you like it!