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Created 2-Jun-13
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Tree Ponte Gregoriano - ItalyAlpine Barn, Ciamp - ItalyAlba - ItalyAssisi - ItalyCampitello Huts - ItalyCappella Di Vitaleta - ItalyLa Gattaia Farmhouse - ItalyMiracoli - ItalyPasso Gardena Hut - ItalyPasso Gardena Night Hut - ItalyPisa Bapistry - ItalyPontecuti - ItalySan Gim Mist - ItalySan Gim Vineyard - Italy

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Carroll Schroeder of Portland Oregon(non-registered)
I am a student of your Master Class, really like your new Website and the new added photo's as well, only hope to create photo's as wonderful as yours. I check in once in while just to remind myself where the bar is for quality art. Nice job!
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