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Yak 2 - Bhutan

Yak 2 - Bhutan

I'm not sure if this would qualify as a wildlife shot, and I'm not sure if yaks are really dangerous or not, but I do know that our Bhutanese guides kept their distance when I ran off from the car, camera in hand to capture these intriguing beasts of burden.

Photographing a yak in Bhutan is like photographing the Sydney Opera House in Australia. It's a photo you must have, but the trick is to find a good looking yak. They aren't all as pretty as this specimen, carefully and considerately selected for your viewing pleasure from hundreds of hopeful prospects.
Well, not quite, but my first yak sightings were in the middle of the day, on the middle of a bitumen road, and in relatively unflattering lighting. However, I figured there would be plenty of other opportunities, so after snapping a couple of safety frames, I just waited.