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Created 27-May-13
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Pittwater MistBruny LighthouseDove LakeBruny Island BeachLighthouse Bay, Bruny IslandTasman PeninsulaGreat Barrier ReefHill InletOrpheus RootsReef AerialPenecost IslandHill Inlet PatternDungog Road, Hunter ValleyMims PortraitSalisbury Road, Hunter ValleyShadows On Blueys BeachStation Hills, WintonWinton HouseWinton ResidentVilla Maria - Hunter Valley

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Mario Rego(non-registered)
Been in and out photography sense I was18. That iwas 30 years ago. Started in Clare's Scool of Art, but it doesn't exist anymore in Canada. Learned tradition darkroom techniques and of coarse study of art itself. It's really hard to make it as a Landscape Photographer in Canada. So I went on to work for a Engeenering Firm for 25 years, but did photography in between. I think there is a Market now with new advanced software and camera equipment, and so on. I shoot with a P65+ system, and large format film cameras. Gave a little insight about myself to say that I know photography and understand art well. I think Peter Eastway has a fresh new prospective in the arts. I have seen thousands of landscape photos, and I will say that he has more than developed a style I have not seen before in the last 30 years.
He blends colours in camera to almost look like beautiful paintings. I would love to work with him, but not to copy, but to see through his vision. I. would like to see more in years to come. Thank you Peter for sharing your wonderful work. I will have my own website in the years to come.
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